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I am Marianna or known as The FootlooseCoach

So far, I have lived in twelve countries and visited some fifty more. I have about eleven years leadership experience in the service sector, working on team selection, implementations, training and coaching through conversions, openings and task-force projects.

I have revealed and developed my creativity and communication skills by using unorthodox methods and customized skills` tuning for my team`s education.

Over the years, I have been presented with a playful description to be a person to lead any individual or team from tragic to magic.
While on the footloose, I like to keep sporty with various national target shooting and TRX groups.

I am pleased to be one of the initiators of the first on-land coral nursery in the Seychelles.

Marianna TheFootlooseCoach

Why to choose me 

The transition between life stages, roles, groups, countries, continents, languages and cultures is really intense and requires a lot of flexibility. I totally feel you, as I have been there and done it many times.

However when I mention that impact-full changes and choosing traveling as a lifestyle can be extremely probing, I don`t talk about managing the physical nitty-gritty. I mean and refer to YOU. Your mental, emotional and spiritual core which is your essential tool to establish a splendid life.

My coaching aim is to guide you to consciously utilize your inner sources and gradually build up your mental stamina.

I will hold you accountable to build resilience and develop an internal drive and responsibility for your own well-being.  

We work towards your best whatever your goals and dreams will outline and require at this stage of your life.​ ​

We will always connect live.

Easy travel light heart

I use traditional and some less conventional approaches to get you to the point where you are geared to maintain your mental capacity, keep your emotions in balance and nurture your spirituality to fulfill your highest potential. ​

You will be prepared to switch from survival mode to being fulfilled and feeling well anywhere and in any situation.

my book

Very often when setting on a journey, we study our desired location and prepare for all the practical how-to dos however we neglect to get mentally ready.

We might feel ashamed to talk about our uncertainties, express our weak moments or there is nobody around to trust with our deepest motives...Feelings and thoughts are invisible so in tough times it`s the easiest to swallow them and pretend that they don`t exist.

Can you imagine how much healthier, happier and more enjoyable your life-on-the-go would be, if you could turn the inner battles into abundant opportunities and your best life ever?

This book rose from my long years of expatriate experience and it guides you with actionable tips and real-life stories. I am giving you an exposure to be aware, get a sensible grip and stay in charge of your thoughtful states, which leads to a joyful lifestyle living anywhere.

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