Do this instead of the New Year`s resolutions which usually fail by the 5th of February

The new year calls to renew ourselves. This is the time of the year when we look at what there was and what shall come. We consider to bring changes into our relations, well-being and career. We contemplate to discover new hobbies and learn new skills or develop our ways of doing things.

As a typical human behavior, we are all about our habits and routines and we all are having difficulties to leave our comfort zone. We tend to look in the same corners for solutions and follow pretty much the same patterns even when intending to go for a change. This is just some of the reasons why we usually fail to follow through our well-designed and thought over New Year`s resolutions. Also `life happens` as we, busy humans tend to say. We get carried away when a new and seemingly easier perspective shows up on the horizon and it proofs to become more exciting than our previously well-laid-out plans and paths. We divert, convincing ourselves that it is just a quick detour and we will be back on track. The return might never happen and soon we lose sight of our transformation. Fast forward we come to the end of the year again and realize that we still stand exactly where we were a year ago.

But hey, why do you expect a different result? as Henry Ford said:

“If you keep doing what you always did, you will get what you always got”.

Try something new this time! Join me and experience how a transition coach can speed up your self discoveries; to find your sought answers quicker and make progress with much less pain and trial and error.

Who is a Transition Coach?

A transition coach is not a clinical psychologist to prescribe a course of meds and give you an instant release from your unresolved or ongoing issues and desires; neither a teacher who would explain a great set of theoretical knowledge and let you figure the application of them and the experimenting alone.

A coach is your guide, someone who will not give you ready answers but ask you plenty of and at times puzzling, illuminative and probing questions to trigger you for new ideas and deeper self-understanding. With the support of your coach, you will be able to stay committed to your personal evolution and gradually bring all those sleeping resources to the surface from within.

It is important that you well resonate with your coach and feel deep-reciprocated trust to find a common tone.

Why change is good?

Change is scary. It can look like a daring trip to an undesirable place. You will feel uncomfortable, adrift and totally not heading into the direction where you firstly wanted to. But as messy it gets at the beginning the clearer and more flowy it becomes later. When you start seeing the results of your efforts, you will feel light and satisfied and only than, you will value the invested efforts. Committing to consistent change and accepting guidance is not an instant and apparent solution but it is a sustainable and fruitful one.

Progress comes from change, there is no progress without change.

What`s the worst that can happen if you try to reach your goals, objectives and dreams in a different way this year?

You may just arrive where you are dreaming today to be next year this time...

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Photo credit to Bethany Legg

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