Find and release your limiting beliefs in your traveling-lifestyle

Beliefs are generally formed in two ways: by our actions, inferences and deductions or by adopting what others tell us.

The first, they are truths that have been formed and became products of your environment, the things that you heard, seen and experienced. It is when you have always seen your relative being stressed out and overwhelmed when planning a trip and rarely mentioning any happy and rewarding experiences after it. So, over time, you lose your curiosity and you conclude that traveling is a hassle and too much effort needed for a no return. You won’t plant your wanderlust-seed.

Secondly by accepting what others tell us to be true. We listen to our most confidential and deeply trusted people, for that reason most of these core beliefs are formed when we are children and sort of inherited from our parents. As an example, we can think of the things what we see dangerous. If you look back, most of these items came from the warnings we got in our childhood and remained our unbroken myths. These truths are much like personality characteristics which involve relatively stable ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

The plain definition of self-limiting refers to something, either physical or mental, that you create and that limits you. When you don't allow yourself to take a long-planned trip because you say that it`s looks bad and must be boring to travel alone, this is an example of self-limitation. Hence limiting beliefs are affecting your behavior and mostly in negative ways as it restricts your potential and prevents you from taking action that you could have taken if the limiting belief was not there. That's how beliefs can shape your reality. The good news is that they can be changed with some patient and conscious work.

This is a nice theory and looks good on paper. But what happens when you are in the middle of nowhere and your core has already been shaken by all the new influences, expectations and impacts around you. It is already hard to know who you are and what you should be doing with yourself, not to mention deep layers like beliefs and the limiting versions of those.

Why do we need strengthening beliefs?

Our beliefs inform our thoughts, words and actions. They are important because they help us to grow and develop. They help us to create the future we want to experience. The decisions we make are a reflection of our values and beliefs, and they are always directed towards a specific purpose. They are the stones on your pathway to a satisfying life.

Where do self limiting beliefs come from?

Some factors heavily shape our values and beliefs like our environment, family background, culture, religion, past life experiences, economic stability and the thought patterns of our trusted people. They may show certain tendencies and we take them with us. When they are breeding from unkind remarks and negative experiences, and they get reconfirmed in our actual reality, they can result in self-limiting beliefs.

Your limiting beliefs are surfacing in life situations where you are getting undesired results. When you feel weak, incapable, helpless or where you are stagnating and avoiding taking action.

On the road, alone, living a traveling lifestyle, lacking positive enforcement, we often stop and think why did I even come here? I cannot do this and I should not do this alone. Everybody dislikes me just because I am foreign. I will always remain the outsider. Nobody understands me, neither my habits nor my needs. People are not genuine with me and they take me for a ride because I don’t know how things are done around here. I don’t belong here; I don’t belong to anywhere.…have you ever had similar self-talks?

How do I find and dissolve my limiting beliefs?

Do you have thoughts which are returning and repeated time to time when you hit the wall when things don’t go the way how you have planned, when you get rejected when you can`t find means how to do things when your new environment is not so kind to you?

What thoughts are playing in your head? Can you recall them? Do you find some repeated ones? Do you recognize a pattern what you are punishing yourself with or how you conclude on your shortcomings, failures and disappointments?

Simply put, just note down where your mind goes when you experience some lows.

See for any patterns and repetitions.

Round the most impactful ones and find the opposing pole, the thought which gets you to the positive and makes you jump for action.

Pay attention; next time when your limiting belief kicks in, respond with and switch it to your positive message.

Collect evidences and note them when the new positive belief gets confirmed.

My `traveling demons` were around separation, feeling minor due to being different and unknowledgable of the local customs or unfluent in the language. I keep doing some work but when I have looked around for positive evidences, I have noticed and affirmed much more kind signs rather than the previously assumed isolating beliefs.

“If you haven’t failed, you are not trying hard enough.“We all have certain ideas which are instantly stopping us from stepping into action and often enough, they are the things which we have never even tried. We carried the limiting belief since childhood or adapted it from someone we have trusted or looked up to. However, it does not mean that those things are not suitable for you and you are not capable of carrying them out. You shall challenge you limits, approach them in different ways and apply various methods to solve the matter till you have failed enough times to say that something is not for you.

Go for it! And remember, that this applies even more amplified when you are alone, out and about and setting up your traveling life of an adventure!


Photos in order by Nikoline Arns, Roberto Nickson, Caju Gomes. Quote by Jennifer Crusie.

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